I’ve never had to do schmoozing thankfully, mostly it’s other people schmoozing me, which is laughable, given that I have power over approximately nothing. Nevertheless I occasionally get Americans trying to schmooze me, and today that involved a trip to the sushi restaurant on Kingsway.

Now, I’ve never really done sushi. I’ve had a couple of little examples, and have had the Marks & Sparks stuff, and I’ve even had a go at making a veggie California roll. But none of this counts as properly eating sushi. Today then I was a bit bewildered, but kindly led through the process I soon cottoned on.

Dangerously, I realised I could probably eat sushi all day: I am a fan. I don’t know what I ate and by golly, I didn’t care, I could happily have tried the lot. Mmm, sushi – why have I not found you before?


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