It’s been an odd few weeks since I last posted here, and I’ve had much and little to say, if you see what I mean. Married life doesn’t really fit in with an effective, regular blogging schedule. Nevertheless, plenty enough has been actually going on since then. I have had odd sort of jobs, and I’ve mostly been left befuddled by a new level of mis-understanding of how employees are employed.

One job was supervising a blind woman in an office: no problem, errands to run, typing to check etc. But that is one inefficient use of salary. The next was receptionist, or rather, the bored-looking security guard who gets to sit on a swivel chair, hand out visitor passes and watch lots and lots of news channel news.

The latest is the school office, which fulls my burning administrator’s need for officiousness whilst actually being quite a pleasant place to work. This one looks to be extending into the new year with a proper job looming, so – if the phone interview with TfL was unsuccessful – I might be in full-time work again soon. And lookit, it seems my calling in life is education sector admin. Huzzah!


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