I seem to be listening mostly to relaxing dance music these days. I blame a trip to the Big Chill festival in August: three days spent lounging in the Herefordshire sunshine listening to relaxing dance music. It’s been wonderful for working too – I love my head-noddingly intellectual electronica, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something so undemanding about Mr Scruff for example, or Lemon Jelly. It just cries out for a cup of tea.

I’m running out of ideas though. There’s only so much help that Spotify can be. I like the related artists function, but I can’t seem to break out of a cycle of Ninja Tune on there. So I’m looking for suggestions of chilled, calming dance music to listen to so that I can plug my way through thousands of old census returns, and at the same time imagine I’m in a field with some tea, or looking out over the Adriatic, or looking out of the window into a rainy night with low lights and mugs of coffee.


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