Back again

Just finished my first column for way too long in No Ripcord, on the joys of U2. That’s right, U2. I don’t like them, right? That’s what I thought. Stupid charity shops, challenging my perceptions. 

Don’t have all that much time to talk today, sadly. Lots of exciting data entry that’s been built up over a wonderful two months. Fun times ahead, I pity our David Mitchell-esque temp.



Just FYI y’all… I’ve updated the blogroll with a couple of new comics, and some more…

1) Celebrations: new toaster at work, this is going to revolutionise my life.

2) I’m keeping track and maps of my cycling on my Tumblr, so you can see how slowly I’m progressing – come along and buck me up.

3) I added Pictures For Sad Children and Alien Loves Predator and Sky First Then Shoes and Kottke and Boing Boing to the blogroll.

4) New Used Adventures In Hi-Fi over at No Ripcord.

I’m a columnist.

Ones first column is now available at the esteemed No Ripcord. I’m biased, obviously, but since the revamp it’s a really good-looking site and if I can pull my finger out and get some reviews on the go, then maybe we can make it a real contender. It’s already less ridiculous than Pitchfork, more cosmopolitan than DiS, and is back on metacritic – if you look closely, you’ll see I am classified in a “carefully-screened group of the most respected critics.” Oh yes I am.

I’ve been doing this writing business for about 5 years now. I started doing it because I didn’t know how best to keep my hand in after university, and although I get lazy now and then, I’ve not stopped. I like seeing myself on Metacritic, it makes me look legitimate and everything.

I even get a column. I like this. I like that I have a column and not a blog there. Look at me! I’m a journalist! Etc. I need to get myself a smug headshot to put next to it, then next think you’ll know I’ll be writing for the Guardian.

Very Friday

But I already had a cold this year! How is that fair?

Mmm, so yesterday was payday, including my bonus – this means, CD spend time, so I have some Ben Folds, Burial’s Untrue and more on their way. Sweet. I also have to look forward to a new column, to go on the soon-to-be-relaunched The site’s already excellent reviews will be sitting alongside more features, columns, and a redesign, and it should be most exciting.

I’m tempted to make my first article about Nick Cave, as I realise that I do nothing but talk about Nick Cave on here. Maybe my musical horizons will broaden with my new, improved spending power – as it stands I have enough trouble motivating myself to leave the office of a lunchtime, let alone schlep across to a record shop. This’ll change with the weather, I hope, but until then, bleurgh. Go away, wants sleep.