I’m trying out Twittr, as can be ascertained by the distinctly failed widget on the right. Hopefully by the time you read this, that’ll be sorted. I wouldn’t bother much with the link though, I’m not using much of that. In the meantime, check me oot.

I think I kind of like Twittr. It is what it is, it’s unpretentious, and for a purpose, and as such is much better, and much less annoying than a stack of annoying Facebook updates. All the controls are in the right place, I can track who I want easily, it can search my address book – it’s pretty sound, if a little unstable. I also like Remember The Milk, which seems solid and useful and nicely designed as a tasks/to do/calendar app. These things I’m exploring are from a Top 100 Tools For Learning list (I’ve tried digging it, furling it, delicious-ing it, we’ll see if there’s any point), which has proved interesting – things have changed since I was at school and the height of sophistication was a world map printed onto a blackboard.

I’ll be adding Infinite Thought, who’s excellent article on universities inspired yesterday’s post, to the Blogroll.



Just some updates:

Celebrities (ish)

Why, That’s Delightful!
Graham Lineham of Father Ted, Black Books, etc. fame – noted writer of drunk of Irishmen. His blog is where I saw the great pictures of the Anonymous scientology protest
Anonymous scientology protest, London

Lynne Featherstone: the Commons’ 5th sexiest MP.

Me And My Big Mouth: Scott Pack of The Friday Project (the indie publishing company, not the hideous Justin Lee Collins vehicle. When I say hideous, am I referring to the show? Or to Justin Lee Collins? You decide). COUTTH‘s (great acronym! I never noticed) first book blog link, I think.


Sky First Then Shoes: as the author states: “every day the sky, with some writing on.”

Achewood is one of the Interweb greats in terms of comics. I am very disappointed that Ray Smuckles never made it as president.

Dinosaur Comics – it is what it is.

Hark! A Vagrant. Home of the infamous Tesla strip.

That’s it!


Just adding some old mp3-blogging chums…

Fil at Pogo a-gogo is a former Anglophile, now Canadophile (is that even a thing?). He has fine taste in olde-worlde punk, if nothing else.

Fancy some Field Mice and related sad indie? Then Colin has been your man for years: currently he resides at And Before The First Kiss.

Dalston Oxfam Shop has possibly the best premise ever.

Music Like Dirt is just classy.

To Die By Your Side: named after the perfect Smiths song; from Birmingham direction; prone to Britpop moments. Awesome.

You should already be familiar with The Daily Growl; The White Noise Revisited; Dusty Sevens; these are great ones.

More on this later.


So I’ve updated the blogroll a bit, here’s the new ones.

You should all know about the new Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green – I’m looking forward to it, not least because they’ve promised me coffee. Cool.

Scorn And Noise is Hackney-based, not that there’s anything wrong with that. With regards to newspaper circulation and cleaning out public loos, he Gets Things Done.

Dustysevens was infinitely kind in sending me a book by Richard Brautigan in exchange for a joke. She has a beautiful blog about music and the like, and given that the book was wonderful also, clearly has good taste.

The Daily Growl was a good music-based buddy of mine back in the days of You Can Call Me Betty. He has delightful taste, and also resides in this fair city of mine.

Despite his living in The South, I just plain like reading The Last Bus Home.

I like I like too: it was through Anne’s blog (I got there through the also lovely Nothing To See Here) that I found today’s laughing matter, Vinyl Sleeve Heads.

To The End Of The Line: detailed descriptions of tube lines? Yes please, thankyou please.

You should also pay a visit to the home of the witty Venn diagram, indexed.

Not to forget, of course: