Blogday at Charity Shop Tourism

I’ve just noticed that Charity Shop Tourism is celebrating its first blogday this week. To celebrate, I’ve posted a top ten of the best charity shops I’ve visited this year, and tomorrow I’ll do a top ten of the best towns I’ve been to: that covers the Charity Shop and the Tourism bit, then. Do read, stop by and say hello, add your own recommendations and the like.

Charity Shop Tourism: Top Ten Charity Shops Of The Year



Added a few sites this morning. Possibly of interest to you good folks, in which case do click through and say hello.

Minor Delays – a short story for each tube station? Delightful

Fresh Eyes On London – sometimes it’s nice to have a noobie to refresh ones wonderment with the capital. Or a snow day.

London Reconnections – transport geekery.

Urban Velo – this sort of thing now applies to me, city-cycling guru that I now am. Weird.

Harringay Online – a little local flavr.


I’ve vented my spleen at a different location today – I’ve had a whinge about the ‘get Jeff Buckley to number one campaign’ at No Ripcord. I think I’m getting old – I’m losing my black-and-white view of the world and starting to see some sort of multi-hued version. Maybe I’m just evolving into a postmodernist nightmare, who can tell.

Anyway, instead of posting anything substantial today, I’ve had a fiddle with the site template, and you’re now looking at my new, three-column-based site. On your left is me around the web, so we’ve got me on Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, and my Google Library, then on your right there’s the blogroll and some internal links. Just so as you know.

That’s all!


Just FYI y’all… I’ve updated the blogroll with a couple of new comics, and some more…

1) Celebrations: new toaster at work, this is going to revolutionise my life.

2) I’m keeping track and maps of my cycling on my Tumblr, so you can see how slowly I’m progressing – come along and buck me up.

3) I added Pictures For Sad Children and Alien Loves Predator and Sky First Then Shoes and Kottke and Boing Boing to the blogroll.

4) New Used Adventures In Hi-Fi over at No Ripcord.





I’ve added some more links on the right there, I suggest you go a-roaming.



  • Faith & Theology – quite a lot more than its title suggests, Ben Myers also has an excellent taste in music (think Tom Waits, whom we all love)
  • Futility Closet – full of random facts, quotes, games and puzzles. Is therefore a fantastic way to start a day.
  • OnionBagBlog – London things and all sorts of great photos, particularly (although I kind of wish his RSS feed was a full post…)
  • Noel Park North Area Residents Association – not updated much, but an intro to life on The Greatest Estate In The World. If I’m right, one of the chaps from the Big Green Bookshop is on the board (although I may be confused with school governorship, I’m not really sure), so *subtle cough* great potential here.
  • TheManWhoFellAsleep – his website’s a wonderful way of wasting time on surreality, as is his book. Therefore, his blog is bound to be fun.
  • Scary Duck – mostly a collection of rants, literary adaptations and other blog things, as far as I can see, albeit presented in a very nice manner.

How many blogs would a weblog blog if a weblog could blog blogs?

from dullhunks photostream

from dullhunk's photostream


I’ve been writing this blog now for several years, and was doing a different one before that, and for reasons previously discussed, have retained that mild dose of social misanthropy when it comes to internet correspondence. For that reason, I rarely comment on others’ blogs, and I rarely cross-link in the same way that others do. For this reason, my visitors average out at about 50 random guests each day – I tend not to try and work out repeat offenders: I know of two or three at most that read COUTTH regularly, and that’s probably about accurate.

But I wonder if going down this self-imposed isolationist route is causing me to miss part of the joy of the Web 2.0 experience? I certainly read lots of blogs (currently 147 subscriptions on my Google Reader) but I always feel a bit silly talking to random interweb people. I went through a years-long phase of visiting music-based forums and I think I’ve got that out of my system now, but my own experience is that people from the internet are actually quite nice. 

So to link to some articles/posts I have enjoyed recently: 

I’m also adding: Unmitigated England; Ornamental Passions; Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science; and Ghost Signs to the blogroll.

Charity shop tourism

Generally speaking, if i fin something interesting my automatic response is to start a new blog about it. Music? I’m interested. I got a pedometer: I’m interested. Everything else? I’m interested. And so it is today.

My new best hobby is charity shop tourism, and if you want to know what I did over the weekend (although why you would…), you could do much worse than to relive Leamington Spa in the rain with me at my new blog, Charity Shop Tourism. Say hi!