I was looking for a job…

It’s job-hunting season chez Simone, again. This means a slew of daily email alerts to read through and mostly discard, because clever old Simone chose to do a Masters with the intention of working at some level of government, be it local, national, civil service, what have you. But now the shiny-chins in charge of killing the public sector have taken all the money for such ventures away, and there’s a distinct over-supply of qualified applicants. Temping here we come.

I suppose it shouldn’t come as too huge a surprise, what with the election and financial crisis and so forth, but really. I’ll forever advocate a strengthening of state apparatus, because it’s the governments duty to care for it’s people, not to hope that greedy people with no commitment will look after others. Follow the current government’s route and you have a pile of poorly-funded charity sector organisations staffed by underpaid, overworked, good-natured folk, plus a private sector content to ignore it’s duties to, for example, the environment and other people, plus a government that sits back and ignores the lot. This might be a gross over-simplification of the marxist-structuralist school, but I don’t think so. This is the way people are inclined, and that’s what a Conservative government wants. I’m all for a state-funded public sector with many jobs, providing fairly for both the less privileged and more privileged alike. It shouldn’t be so hard.


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