Normal service

I’m married now, a brave new world which so far has been predominantly honeymoon. Reality is catching up as the days go by though, and soon the deadline extension for my dissertation will loom murkily and I’ll have to knuckle down. For now though, I’m making the most of some wedded bliss, tidying the flat that is newly ours, and eating a heart-shaped lollipop. The flat was in a bit of a state, to be honest, but I think it’s to be expected: over the last week before the wedding we put together a buffet meal for over 100 people featuring homemade delights like pork pie, chicken liver pate and home-cooked cold meats. It was, if I say so myself, awesome. Add this to apple bobbing, guess the weight of the cakes, a tiny bouncy castle and a 100% genuine coconut shy, and you have a party and a half.

I feel way too immature to get married, but figure that if Ryan North can do it, I can. So here I are with a ring on my finger, with a beautiful wife on my arm, setting up a home. It’s pretty exciting. I know have to settle down and do some work as herself starts her new job, but hopefully by next week I’ll be powering through some historico-geographical social analysis. Heck yes.


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