Off to see America

I have above my desk in my new working environs an A0, canvas map of North America from 1955. It’s not for inspirational purposes or anything, it’s just that we found it in a secondhand bookshop in Saffron Walden, and I like maps. Need to know the distance of the shipping route between Galveston and Key West? Victoria, BC and Yokohama? San Francisco to New Orleans via Cape Horn*? The elevation of Mt McKinley, Mt Popocatepetl or Death Valley**? Or the notable cities of Baffin Island 55 years ago***?

Maps are great. Once I’ve written my dissertation and handed it in; and got married; and moved house again; maybe I’ll head to the British Library’s nice looking exhibition.

* 746, 4200, 13,727 respectively
** 20,300, 17,887, -280 respectively
*** there isn’t any


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