And breathe.

I’ve started half a hundredweight of new posts recently and not had the time to finish them off. Hence, a quick review of the last month or so.

Election came and went, and I don’t know if I got carried away by the touchy-feeliness of it all but I don’t hate it yet. It depresses me slightly that the main policies that the government have announced so far are mostly significantly to the left of Labour: hopefully this will change if a good candidate gets in as leader (we’re talking not tainted too much by Blair/Brown affiliations). All fairly good on green things, social justice (even with IDS), but I’m holding my breath slightly for George ‘Evil’ Osbourne’s input – then we’ll see the true face of the decentralisation of state that’s promised.

Allotment is looking slightly choked with overgrown grass at the moment, but not for long; this week it’ll be getting a strim. Firstfruits have duly been picked, some peppery and multicoloured radishes. Squashes, potatoes, corn, lettuce, peppers, peas and beans are all on their way.

Workload is crammed high right now: I’ve just had my first exam since 2003 (it was fine, I think, although I distrust the Breton marking it); all my bumph from my internship is due in on Thursday (a good experience overall, and pretty interesting in the context of my course); currently mired in dissertation literature review, but it’s no bad thing – this morning I’ll be biking up to Wood Green Library to read Marx, Hobsbawm, Stedman Jones and more Marxist history – class discrimination is no dead thing, apparently.

I’m Leaving Home: one housemate is leaving, so the rest of us are moving too – out of Noel Park (on the subject of which, I drove around the sister estate (and related subject to my dissertation) Queen’s Park last night – entirely cuter and better kept up than NP), probably to Tottenham or the ‘Stow. Major announcements imminent.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving Noel Park. BTW Noel Park is on the English Heritage at risk register again this year.

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