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Get real

Clegg: word to yo mama

Clegg: word to yo mama

I always get caught up in the fun of an election, and the TV debates are only making it better (or worse, depending on which way you look at it). Last night’s was a further unveiling of the charm offensive in British politics – ever more important now that the leaders are becoming more like presidential candidates than representatives of their respective parties. It’s Cleggmania here.

As on most levels, Nick Clegg (possibly related to Clegg from Last of the Summer Wine) came out tops. Cameron still has the slightly aloof air of a man who knows, deep down, he’s evil, whereas Clegg manages to schmooze at the camera while still waving a presidential thumb at the blonde in the crowd. He’s the most convincing and comfortable of the three – Gord manages to creep everyone out just by smiling and waggling his massive ears whereas Clegg’s this clean-cut young man who seems morally driven by his policies, not just that they’re been written into the manifesto by some back-room policy chappy.

Of the three, his are by far the most appealing policies – I don’t hold with his jumping in on the spending cuts = wonderful consensus, and he could go a lot further on Trident, climate change and upping the welfare state. But generally speaking, he’s far and away the most palatable of the major contenders. I’m left with a tricky decision in Hornsey and Wood Green: do I stick to my guns and vote Green, with whom I agree on 99% of their policies, but who have no chance of being elected, thereby not countering any Tory surge, however unlikely? Or do I go safe, vote for a good local Lib Dem MP? I understand one vote rarely makes a difference, but having voted in an election where the LDs won by literally two votes, it’s imbued me with a sense of responsibility over my X.


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