Queen – Bicycle Race

11 months and 13 days after I last rode my bicycle, I picked it up yesterday from North London Auto Cycles yesterday and rode home. Plenty has happened since last I hopped on the oddly-narrow saddle (which is now replaced with a broader, ventilated model) and attempted to ride home. Including:

  • Flying through the air from the handlebars of said bike immediately after last riding it.
  • Landing with a thud on my hip
  • Very first trip in an ambulance to the very pleasant Whittington A&E (subject of scurrilous and strongly-contested closure plans)
  • Very first x-ray
  • Very first operation (dynamic hip system, don’t you know)
  • Very first overnight hospital stay
  • 8 weeks off work!
  • Quitting work!
  • Commencement of MA at King’s College, London, and pretty much continuous study since then.
  • First essays for about ten years.
  • Good times in all things.

No more bicycle races though: no timing my journeys and mapping them on Tumblr, no more Blackstock Road. Instead, I spent lunchtime cycling like some sort of hippy around Tottenham Cemetery looking for the grave of John Eliot Howard. I found it!


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