My shoulder’s still not particularly 100% for some reason, but it’s good enough that I can head in to my class with a very Gallic political waffler today. I’ll continue with David Harvey on the way in, no doubt, but at the moment I’m juggling all sorts of philosophies and arguments in my head for a very busy March. 1) Prepare post-Marxist analytical framework to critique the World Bank in Croatia. 2) Sublimate Slavoj Zizek, Chantal Mouffe and Erik Swyngedouw into a coherent assessment of post-politicism. 3) Research the use of home energy assessments in meeting carbon reduction targets. All by yesterday pretty much.

So predictably I went looking for Street View instead, and found that 96% of the country is now covered. So, you can see where I grew up, and some of my favourite holiday destinations (we have here the west of Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales, the West Cornwall moors, the green lanes of the South Hams, and my ultimate childhood destination, Caswell Bay on the Gower, which still looks exactly as I remember it, twenty years ago.


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