For various complicated reasons, I’ve chosen to summarise the whole of neoliberalism, the World Bank and Croatia into a 2800 word essay. This will require some attenuation. Nevertheless, I’ve had fun studying David Harvey’s A Brief History of Neoliberalism for an analytical framework, and will be applying this to the port in Rijeka post haste. David Harvey’s a fun one: as hardcore a Marxist as you’re likely to meet, and possessor of a fine beard (much more cultivated than Zizek’s), Harvey tends to somewhat shoehorn class conflict into any argument that he can, and as such I sometimes prefer the more nuanced take of post/neo/Marxists like Mouffe or Zizek in terms of actually practicability of application. However, Harvey makes some extremely well-argued points, and whether or not you agree with his hard line, it’s hard not to be a bit swayed by his ontology.

Fun times on the philosophico-politico-economic geography boat!


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