“Every reality sooner or later disappoints us”

The world of academia is a wonderful place in which to exist sometimes, and I thoroughly enjoyed a healthy philosophical polemic at the hands of Slavoj Zizek yesterday, at Birkbeck College. Ranging from the Hollywood/marxist/colonialism of Avatar to the reasons a burkha is terrifying, and from the Gospel of Mark to Maoist peasant farmers in Orissa, a Zizek lecture is always more than a lecture, it’s an experience. Reading or listening to Zizek is a stimulating experience for me (and will certainly help with at least one assignment due this term), and it seems others think the same. The Q+A was far more engaging than at his talk at LSE earlier in the year, mostly thanks to a lady who took great offence at the suggestion of Gandhi as a sodomite – happily, it ended up with Zizek throwing wild-eyed continental philosopher shapes and shouting to the back of the hall. Happy days. Questioners were much more into it yesterday, whether out-and-out arguing or gesticulating dramatically and quoting infinite thought‘s Nina Power.

Right now I’m at home – I forgot to pay a parking ticket, so it’s doubled, and the hydraulics are broken in my chair so it keeps sinking without warning. Reality go bump.


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