The real world

I spent a significant proportion of last term reading and writing about the pros and cons of quantitative methods and qualitative methods in researching stuff. Many abstract methodological papers later, I appear to have at least some sort of grasp of what’s required from, say, a focus group, so it’s gratifying to know that I’ll be finally able to put that into practice soon.

Not that I have a job or anything, goodness no. But I do have an internship place with London’s most notoriously zany council and their partners, and I’ve been off today to discuss some forthcoming work in Muswell Hill. It’s really satisfying to be able to sit at a meeting with a group of strangers and talk about something I’ve never done, but with the cushion of genuinely understanding the whys and wherefores. I’m raring to go, as much as I ever am, so I look forward to doing some actual, primary, geographic/sociological/etc. research.


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