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This morning, I found myself looking up recipes for using leftover porridge. This is not something I would have envisioned myself doing just months ago, but the new year has seen a resurgence in interest (sparked by some sums and financial puzzling) in doing things on the cheap, and for me, this means using as much as possible to its maximum benefit, to avoid having to buy more stuff. Very in keeping with the times, I’m sure you’ll agree, and just as in keeping with the various studies/work into sustainability I’ll be doing this term (and some Bible).

So far, this has meant some browsing of Martin Lewis, at least a head-nod (although little more) towards using the car less, theoretical resistance to lunches out and second hand books (although a haul at the weekend in Saffron Walden was more than a little exciting). Best of all though is the food front, and that’s where the real work has gone in. We’ve a new freezer: just a little one, a compact chest business, but it’s plenty to fit our now copious collection of tubs filled with delicious, mass-cooked dinners, evensofar as preparing ready meals, pretty much: chilli and rice, that sort of thing. Bung in the microwave. The freezer is filled by large-scale meat purchases, bought at discount (£22 of goat is possibly the most exciting thing I’ve ever bought) and these meals, cooked with plenty of vegetables from Fresh’n’Fruity – so  we’re getting five a day as well.

There’s also a new bread maker, which not only saves on loaves, but will facilitate the consumption of cheap, delicious soup as a main meal. Also it makes jam, which is both surprising and awesome. I’ve also been getting somewhat excited about making stocks, to the point that we’ve bought so much meat that the trip to the butcher (where I can ask for some bones) is frustratingly far away. The freezer is literally teeming with stocks, which are excitingly gelatinous and also feature first and second pressings, as though the stock has delusions of being olive oil.

It’s all pretty much good fun, which is probably key, and should enable us to pay the way through my lounging around all year study (I’m actually working harder than I ever did in the office, I think).


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