Throw those curtains wide, a day like this a year’d see me right

I can’t deny that I’ve somewhat neglected blogging recently, but I’m not too fussed – despite what some think, blogging’s probably not going to change the world, especially when, like me, no-one reads your blog anyway. (As a side note here, in terms of cultural assimilation: if you type the word ‘blog’ in WordPress, it’s underlined with a squiggly spelling-mistake line – as is ‘WordPress’.)

But I’ll catch up the last few weeks, just so’s I have a record at least. Recently I have been mostly:

  • Submitting and receiving grades for two essays: a B+ and a B ain’t too bad for the first essays in six years I think.
  • Visiting aforementioned blasted brutalism at the Ferriers, and some more classical council housing near Old Street.
  • Learning about gentrification in half a dozen different ways – it’s quite a thing, apparently.
  • Getting the hang of the new eeePC (which I love, it turns out)
  • Related: sorting out iGoogle so that I have a fully functional and awesome system right there on my tiny computer
  • Learning De Certeau for a presentation.
  • Winning chutney for said presentation.
  • Learning about field notebooks, action research, the double hermeneutic.
  • Sorting out the first traces of my dissertation (am I ever organised!?) (it’s on Noel Park, woo!)
  • And much more!

Today I’m toddling off to see Zizek at the LSE, so I’ll report back on that. Looks like fun.


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