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It’s Not Like The Movies

I’ll make this clear at the very beginning: I never disliked Kid A. It was a good record, I just wasn’t really in the right place to make the most of it upon its release. OK Computer I devoured, just as I did when I first heard The Bends, and just as I did when In Rainbows came out; but there’s an unaccountable gap in there. When Kid A was released in 2000, I was more likely to buy a Therapy? album, or Metallica, or NoFX, or something of that ilk. I certainly wasn’t looking for a dense, intricate burst of digital noise and wailing.

And so I gave the album several cursory listens – I tried, I promise – but I just couldn’t get into it. So when Amnesiac followed, I paid little attention, and Hail To The Thief also failed to capture my attention. But yesterday, I was walking alongside the Brunswick centre to Skoob with How To Disappear Completely approaching its finale, and it just clicked. The surreal, martian façade of the shopping centre, with cars appearing from underground in my peripheral vision, the bright white of the apartments sparkling in the bright sun and bright blue sky, with things happening at every angle at which I could look, to a soundtrack of synthesized, beautiful cacophony… It was a little epiphanous really.

I think it’s more of a build-up to a point, really – a few weeks ago I spent an enjoyable evening being taught the various beauties of Radiohead videos, and they really are beautiful. The music fits in so much better with abstract visuals. The album is all very lovely and subtle and not bombastic, not nearly as pretentious as I’d thought, and every bit as gorgeous as Radiohead have always been.


Today’s my last day on the job. I’ve just been taken for lunch, where I had to pay for my own food – somewhat different to when I first started and they seemed to be buying me dinners at every opportunity. I guess now’s the right time!


2 Responses

  1. ha! I win

  2. ahhhh, Kid A. I was neck-deep into the writing of my Master’s thesis when my “buy it now and it’s delivered on the release date” copy from amazon came. immediately it became requisite…as you well know, there are times and situations that call for über-specific pieces of music: this was one. I wasn’t sleeping (really…at all…for three months) and was stone-skipping toward breakdown stages along the way with this paper and with life.

    So, into my world of strange, as it was, comes Kid A. It shuffled in to my 24-hour day Big Band & Western Swing-heavy rotation and stayed. I cannot think of that time without thinking of this entire record…the brilliant opening Everything, In limbo, well, all of it really. I mean, many of those works are very happy to be on their own but, for me, the play of any of those songs on my ipod immediately mentally cues the next song on the album…and leads me to wonder: don’t some songs just really need to be played in a particular order? Shouldn’t National Anthem be followed by how to disappear?

    anyway, sorry for the long post. it’s a great record…happy you’ve found it. now then, my friend, do you know Amnesiac?

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