And after that fear, could we be guaranteed that we would never be returned to a state of loneliness again?

I was pretty much cracking up reading the Telegraph’s list of Dan Brown’s 20 worst sentences, pointed out by d4d. It is frankly hilarious. I’ve never read Dan Brown, nor do I plan to, and this only encapsulates why. I quote:

17. Deception Point, chapter 8: Overhanging her precarious body was a jaundiced face whose skin resembled a sheet of parchment paper punctured by two emotionless eyes.

It’s not clear what Brown thinks ‘precarious’ means here.

My usual thought is always, when Foucault’s Pendulum exists, why would Dan Brown even bother?

Edward Carey

Edward Carey

I’ve just finished Observatory Mansions, by Edward Carey. It’s apparently not that well-known a book, and it certainly wasn’t for me, but it really should be. Eery, calm, gentle, disturbing, all apply. Carey’s style is clipped and short, with nothing superfluous, yet the characters are just as rounded by revealing scraps of information, as other writers manage by overloading the description (Brown). Highly recommended by me. Not sure what’s next, but see the RSS feed on the side of the page there, that’s to a new tumblelog to catalogue what I’m reading, so have a look there.

Reviews of Observatory Mansions here, here, here, autobiography here, interview with Carey here.


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