“just take a look at this garbage from the above article”

The New Statesman commenced a new blog on Monday, the succintly-named God Blog. In its introductory remarks, Sholto Byrnes puts forward a concept which isn’t about whether or not religion is right, which one’s best, who’s to blame; but rather dealing with the fact that religion is, and blogging about this. I like this as a concept: in a topic where only the most histrionic voices are heard, it’s nice for some reasoned debate to be heard.

But it immediately shows up the blog (at least the national/international press style blog) as a flawed format because no sooner does Brynes finish a fairly reasonable abstract, then the commenters join in and immediately make it what they want to be. Nobody who joins in a debate is in the middle ground on the internet: it’s all dramatic anonymous screechers arguing with God, Dawkins or David Hume, for some reason, and invariably invoking Godwin’s Law. It would be nice for once for the meek centrists to post their nice thoughts, but that’s not the way it goes.

And so, a tirade of angry types of which Speak You’re Branes would be proud. I don’t tend to join in these debates: firstly, who cares what another blogger says? If you know me, maybe you’ll know where I stand; if you don’t why would you be interested? I’m not in any sort of position to make educated comments for or against either side, so I’ll just stick to what I know, minding my own business.

Personal blogs are different: those like diamondgeezer, or kottke, or I Like, or whatever. These add personality and depth to online opinion. But when you’re supposed to be an opinion maker, for example writing for the Staggers, it’s not about feedback or user participation, it always ends up shrill and annoying. Stick with columns and be happy.


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