Bleak Idol

I wonder what the bleakest part of the country is? It would be slightly fascinating to visit these places, I think. Some would argue that the bleakest parts are really around me: vast housing estates, controlled by packs of those feral youths you hear about. I’m not so sure: the youth round here would probably like to be feral, but they’re too concerned with their hair to properly run wild.

I’m making a list of some places I’d like to go to. I’m planning to sell the car soon, and have a feeling that this will make me appreciate trips out all the more, and maybe to further afield. These are places that I haven’t had a chance to get to yet, and I think there’s definite Bleak Idol contenders: Dungeness, Spurn Head, even the abandoned Tyneham. There’s also some massive expanses of wilderness: Snowdonia and the Lakes are wild, but I’d really love to go up into the proper nobody-there-ness of the Scottish Highlands.

But my knowledge fails a bit. Despite many, many holidays in this country as a youth – staycations before the word came and slipped swiftly into ridicule – I still don’t know where is that elusive place I can see in my mind’s eye, where the sea and the land and the sky all merge confusingly, and there’s vast expanses of everything. I definitely plan to explore the East coast more than I have – parts of East Anglia look set to be huge, and East Yorkshire has he industrial thing going on.

I guess the best way to find out is to go and explore. Woohoo!


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