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Who’s going to drive me home?

I have my car back. This is brilliant, wonderful news. I can now go skipping off to all the realm in search of charity shop satisfaction and the best coffees known to humanity. Yet I’m pretty muc going to sell it and not replace it.

The man who rang me yesterday from Admiral sounded incredulous. You’re not going to replace it all, he asked, thrown off course by the idea of anyone not owning a car. Yet it’s true: with a bit of good will from above and some finger-pulling-out-of down here, this time next month I’ll be nearing the end of my job and dusting off my parka and baked beans to live the life of a student once again. So, it’s back to frugal measures.

I remember being a student last, and the time just after: I remember walking around Safeway in Palmers Green thinking that I’ll know when I’ve really made it when I can have my choice of yoghurt (ever fruit corner, if I want it), rather than the cheapest. That day has arrived, good reader, but I’m about to throw it all away! I filled in the form for a career development loan yesterday and had to total my expenses: I’m going to have be thrifty.

First thing to go will be the car, then. I live in London: I can cope. And if I’m desperate, we have Streetcars within reach. That’ll save me, each year:

  • c. £700 insurance
  • £160 road tax
  • c. £400 fuel
  • and goodness else when it inevitably breaks again

If I sell the car for a good price too, I’m well on the way to living in suitable fashion, as befits the more mature student, and you know what? Being crocked for three months without a car has taught me that actually, I can cope, maybe even should cope. Wish me well.


One Response

  1. hope the experiment ‘sans auto voiture’ works out fer you, Simone. and i welcome you back to the ranks of scholar-dom…good luck in your studies!

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