Turn and Facebook the strange

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook: always have, always will. Like Twitter, at the first I couldn’t see the point: you just upload a picture of yourself and type in your favourite books, and bob’s your uncle. Then you just sit there and look at it a bit. It starts off very narcissistic, just to gawp at yourself and wait for friends to come a knocking, even compared to MySpace which is really a little website of ones very own.

Then phase 2 is where your friends find you, and you find them, and the novelty is all very exciting, and you post some photos and look! tag your friends, and you’re tagged and so on. It’s all nice, you  have a small but select circle of internet friends and you have fun talking to each other – like email, but public.

Then the next phase is where the creepiness starts and a whole swaggle of horrible people from your past crawl out of the woodwork by scanning your schools and work, etc. Then Facebook add applications which enable you to judge what kind of cushion you are, or which X-man you’d most like to snog.

Finally you’re at the stage where you’ve gone back to the heady narcissism of the early days. Why comment on one photo of someone when you can judge a hundred, and even better judge them by other people’s photos of them, and the number of them. It’s not just the friend count that’s important these days, it’s the quality of interaction: you’re no-one unless you can demonstrate your interaction with your friends in a real, meaningful, provable way – it’s empirical social judgement at its peak.

This doesn’t suit me. I’m not antisocial, or particularly misanthropic, or socially retarded, or even very shy. I’m just happy with either my own company or that of one other, and even that doesn’t involve anything worth photographing, or commenting on in meta fashion. My life would make a deeply uninteresting memoir: “stayed in again tonight: read a book, blogged, watched The Wire.” But I don’t care: I like it. So though I keep coming back to you, Facebook, I don’t want you to judge me; I want to enjoy you for what you are, a very limited, frothy, silly little thing with no real substance, and not be carried away by your demands for my time and energy and devotion. Alright?


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