Hi ho, hi ho

Just for the record, having commuted in again (this time on a weekday), I retain my feelings about commuters from yesterday: inconsiderent, grumpy oiks the lot of them. Especially the tube-takers, although I understand in parts: commuting into central London at Monday rush hour is a grim, ugly scene.

However: even though my journey was two buses and a tube, it’s much quicker than taking one bus all the way home, which opens up many dilemmas…


  • can definitely get a seat
  • don’t have to get up at all during journey
  • almost door to door
  • Time to get stuck into a book or do a French lesson
  • views
  • cramped sitting conditions
  • 90 minute journey
  • higher chance of smelly folk
  • Guilt when old folk have to stand
  • Higher incidence of said old folk

Le metro

  • much quicker journey (really, much)
  • less time in the vicinity of other people
  • Everyone else ignores everybody so I don’t have to feel guilty
  • Cramped quarters
  • Tube heat
  • Tube smell

Goodness, I’m some misanthrope. At the moment I’m rocking a combination of the two, one route in, another home when I can fall asleep and not worry about  ending up in Cockfosters.


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