We got married in a fever

I’m still looking for the best comparison to swine flu hysteria: so far I’m considering the rage from 28 Days Later; the great plague as per Pepys; some sort of zombie holocaust. I can’t help thinking the general public panic would be about the same (possibly less in the last case, the general population being mostly zombies by now).

Anyway, I’m forbidding myself from publicly discussing what swine flu is and isn’t, or what it can do and can’t, etc., on general fear of a verbal dressing down, and quite rightly deserved – I don’t want to be another of those pumping misinformation to the populace. I can only really comment on how it’s affecting me, which after all is supposed to the point of a blog anyway, I think (I’m slowly reconciling myself to the fact that I’m a blogger, disturbing as this is).

I know just the one person (personally) who’s had the flu. It knocked her completely out and though I was a little concerned for her (she has these underlying health issues you hear about…), she’s on the mend. I’ve been speaking to literally loads though: working in a university surrounded by students right now that are worried about exams is exactly the right place to hear about swine flu. The students I’ve spoken to (on the phone, I hasten to add) have sounded absolutely terrible; whole weeks lost of their lives. It’s making me think twice about the joys of catching it: although I can see the appeal of getting it now, I’m now coming to the conclusion that I don’t really want it.

But it’s circling, stalking like a predator. It’s gone rapidly from being an interesting far away thing to a very real presence, and it’s all quite interesting on all sorts of socio-economic levels. We’ll see if I get it: chances are I shall, I think, but I’ll keep you informed. Ooh, I’ll live blog it! Though that’ll get boring quickly…


2 Responses

  1. There’s some talk of schools not opening again in September to prevent the spread, I’m torn, on one hand.. longer holiday, on the other, it’ll throw my google calendars right out

  2. Really? More drama…

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