The wheels on the bus

Ensconced in summer school, my mind has little space for anything except Moodle, invigilators and refunds. There’s not really anything interesting enough to merit a blog post, I’m afraid. My other has gone away to Cornwall this week, so I’m pottering around the house (pottering, not rattling) and taking the bus to work, which uses up most of the day.

In all good conscience, I can’t carry on milking taxi rides out of the university. So, on the 243 I go, almost from end to end. It’s a 90 minute journey so I need a good book, but all told it could be worse. At least I’m not shut in a confined space with a driver who insists on repeating himself when I’ve obviously pretended not to hear him.

But that’s most of my life now: awake and breakfast, bus, work, nip to Pret, work, bus, nap, tea, bed. Not much time, headspace or energy for anything on a weekday. Last weekend I managed to fit in a trip to the Scandinavian Ikea/Muji/Poundland mash-up Tiger in North Finchley, then a full Jamaican feast on the Sunday, but that’s about as dramatic as my life gets at the moment. So: little space for any psychoanalytic ruminations or travelogues here – maybe I’ll live-blog the 243 tomorrow.


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