Back to work, so I’ve been. And of course, generally one for doing things the difficult way, I’m right back in by far the busiest time of year. So: in on Sunday 11-5; yesterday 9:30-3:30; today 9:30-3pm. And that’s less than half the amount I’d normally have done at this stage of the summer school. Ah well.

It does mean I get to avoid Das Discoboat though, which is always a bonus, and all the tedious receptions and parties etc., and just get to go home instead. Certainly I’ve been Moodling away at home, but that’s not so bad; I can do it when Frasier‘s on, for instance. At least this is the interesting time of year: no time-intensive admissions process; no multitudinous phone calls; no endless email enquiries. I get to see actual people: bumfluffed young Russian men and their glamourous female counterparts; be-flip-flopped American college students; angry middle-aged Portuguese; confused Indian chaps with names like Butt and Icarus. And a Babatunde! It’s been a long time since I last met a Babatunde in a professional context.


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