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Wood Greeny

I might have known that as soon as I wrote that I’d probably be cutting out blogging, I’d be tempted to write again. This is fairly typical of me. The occasion was that I noticed I had a blog again: the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green has (finally) its own website, and Simon and Tim have very kindly listed me in their links section as someone who’s interested in N22. Well, I suppose that’s right – that’s me, Community Simone. (On a related note, hi Rachella – I saw you in the Haringey Independent the other day).

Anyway, I suppose I have been a bit community-minded of late. I’m still here, I’m still in Noel Park, in fact more than ever: breaking one’s hip tends to restrict trips out somewhat. I calculated the furthest trip I’ve been on – it was to the Harvester at Ponders End. So I’ve been noticing my local shops a bit, and really, it’s all quite nice. Up til now my local food shopping was at TFC on Lordship Lane, and while good, I’ve recently converted to the similar-but-less-surly Sirwan up the way. There’s also the newsagents which extends miles back into a labyrinth of plastic tubs and cleaning supplies; the computer bits shop; two friendly chemists, one with wool; and a whole pile of others that I’ve not had reason to enter (E&B Fashions seems to be mostly princess outfits; I’ve not needed anything from Lordship Furnishings). My favourite new discovery is the Crystal Cafe on the corner of Lordship and Boreham Road: lovely grills and a nice cool decking area, very pleasant.

So, I’m a Wood Greeny for sure at the moment, and plan to remain that way.


One Response

  1. Hey–Thanks for the mention! I’m glad to see you’re up and about again.

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