When I first recovered from the general bemusement of an injury that left me with 6 weeks off work I was pretty much excited: I’ll be able to read a pile of those books that I’ve not had time to read, watch all those DVDs I’ve picked up for cheap, and so on. I had a remarkably cultured convalescence planned. This has mostly been interrupted by The Wire and sudoku (then killer sudoku, then kakuro). So much so, that I’ve done little of what I planned. Never mind. Here’s a list of what I’ve read:

  • Vertigo, Broileau & Narcejac
  • The Napoleon of Notting Hill, GK Chesterton
  • London: The Biography, Peter Ackroyd (finished – it’s been in the bathroom a looong time)
  • The Dialogues, Luciano de Crescenzo
  • The Complete Polysyllabic Spree, Nick Hornby
  • Dead Souls, Nikolai Gogol (half of)
  • Mason & Dixon, Thomas Pynchon (ongoing)
  • Penguin Atlas of World History (ongoing)

Disappointingly slender for four weeks, I’m sure you’ll agree. There may have been more than this, but not many. Here’s what I’ve watched

  • Vertigo
  • The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
  • Babel
  • The Black Dahlia
  • Psycho
  • The Wire Season 1
  • The Wire Season 2
  • The Wire Season 3
  • The Wire Season 4
  • The Wire Season 5

You’ll spot a theme towards the end there. Here’s some things I’ve done:

  • Frequented the Crystal Cafe on Lordship Lane
  • Sat in the park reading and drinking coffee from a flask
  • Rearranged the bookshelf
  • Created a pile of books for the charity shop and CDs for eBay (ongoing)
  • Braved Walthamstow market on a wet Saturday
  • Lunch at The Navigation, the Harvester in Ponders End
  • Fixed a virus-laden laptop to use at home
  • Written an article about Weezer

Here’s some things I’ve still got to do:

  • Write my personal statement for my Masters application
  • Sort out some more CDs for eBay
  • Order some jiffy bags and maybe some new Converse
  • Probably lots of other things

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