A record of achievement

As little different happens day to day here, this blog is likely to be a record of achievements for the most part. So, in the last day or so I’ve walked from the house to Lordship Lane and back, a new record. Today I was kindly taken for a swanky lunch at the Harvester at Ponders End. Alright, maybe swanky’s not the best word but I was happy: a full salad bowl, a barbeque selection with sticky sauce… what more could a gentleman want, except perhaps to eat at the table for the first time in three weeks: check. And after that, a trip to Aldi to do the shop, another first since the accident.

So good going me: tonight I’m off to TFC to purchase condensed milk to make millionaire’s shortbread, then watching more of The Wire. A slower one, season two, but it all feels very tense like something big is going to happen any minute. All good stuff.


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