A thin line between heaven and here.

You would think that with six weeks off work and limited mobility I’d be blogging like crazy, but it’s really not been like that. My computer is upstairs for one thing, but that doesn’t really make any difference as I’ve as much access to a laptop as I need. Actually my time has been pretty much filled up with stuff: as most ordinary things take ten times as long, that looks after a bit of it, but still: I’ve been catching up on Cheers, Frasier and, um, Becker, and watching some films for the first time in ages. Best of all, I’ve been finally catching up with what the internets already knows, i.e. watching series one of The Wire.

Good gracious, where have I been. Lately, my consumption of American cop shows has been based around Diagnosis Murder and Monk, but The Wire is an entirely different beast. I’m only four episodes in and already I catch myself thinking in a West Baltimore accent, a’ight. The dialogue is fantastic (I refer you to “the king stay the king“) and the characters are believable and well acted: I like how they’re being introduced slowly, the latest being Lester Freeman and his pager tapping, Louis 14 Armoire fixing ways. It’s good stuff.

Yesterday I was at the hospital to have my staples out, which hurt, thanks nurse. I didn’t believe it when I was first told it, but they literally are small office staples, and it’s basically an office staple remover that they use to take them out. Upshot is, I’m confirmed off work for at least four more weeks, which will place me firmly out of the way of a whole heap of dull work in the office. I’m being replaced with two temps at the moment, which is gratifying, although the comments in my get well card from work ranged from cheery, to slightly desperate, to unsubtle be-back-as-soon-as-you-can tact. Couldn’t care less!


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