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What I’m at.

I haven’t updated in a few days. Normally, this is the cue to apologise and say whoops, haven’t I been a bad blogger, I’ll be better I promise. Well, sorry if you like, but I have a valid excuse: I literally have a doctor’s note in fact.

I was cycling home on Wednesday, as is my wont, and was making excellent progress: I hadn’t hit a traffic light almost since the beginning of my journey; if I’d had a good run on Green Lanes I might have broken the half-hour barrier. However, descending Blackstock Road from Highbury I was faced with one of those split-second decisions that drivers/cyclists/any other road users have to face at times. A car was all but slowed to a stop in the middle of the road: could have gone left, could have gone right. As it turned out, I chose to overtake rather than undertake, he chose to turn right, I had to turn left very quickly, slam on the brakes to avoid smashing into him – successfully – and ended up on the ground.

What I didn’t realise at the time is that I’d actually broken my hip and fractured my elbow, which meant the following:

  • ambulance to the Whittington hospital
  • a short wait for a bay in A&E then into bed number 2 on my gurney
  • initial assessment by the driest German doctor you can imagine (Schaurer? something like that)
  • whisked off to X-ray to sit for a short while in complete agony outside the X-ray room
  • an X-ray by a couple of jovial doctor types while I lay on the gurney with my legs facing funny directions
  • back to A&E for the results, and it turns out my femur is broken just below the ball (of ball and socket fame. I never realised exactly the extent until I asked for X-ray pictures as souvenirs: my femur had sheered through and shifted about an inch off where it should have been).
  • meet Tim, the chirpy anaesthetist, then the junior orthopaedic surgeon who explains the procedure. Happily, the senior surgeon was still in da house, as it were, so my operation was to be that evening.
  • stock up on some morphine, so am a bit dazed and stary as I listen to various doctor types telling me things. Thank goodness for Tre, who was paying attention on my behalf and who has proved absolutely amazing since.
  • then off to prep room to be dosed with humungous anaesthetics and to drift out of consciousness into blissful ignorance.

I believe I woke up around half past one and asked some silly questions.

On waking on Thursday morning I’m in the ward with no feeling in my left leg, not really knowing what’s gone on. Yet the progress the doctors and nurses have made on me has been incredible. Instead of the 6 months traction that an operation like this used to involve, there’s no cast but a plate and screws in my hip. By 11am, the physios had me up on my feet and waddling about on crutches. By 2pm I’d been up and down a flight of stairs, before my first visitors had been allowed in.

So here I am now, home within 48 hours of the accident, comfortably ensconced in my downstairs bed on my second day in the house, doing very nicely ta. I’ve had a shower, I’ve dressed myself, I’ve been up and down the stairs, really I’m a bit of a Wolverine in recovery terms. We’ll see how it goes next!


4 Responses

  1. holy crap! i hope you have a speedy recovery, Simon.

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