They say it’s your birthday

Well if it is, it’s mine too. Or at least, it was yesterday. Twenty Seven years if I’m a day. That means that since my birth:

  • 1 x Berlin wall collapsed
  • 2 x Gulf wars
  • 13 x Coen brothers films
  • 6 x Guns ‘n Roses albums
  • 1 x brother
  • 1 x neice, walking
  • 1 x nephew, not

I’m not really one for birthday party type affairs. I’m a low-key chap. So I spent Saturday collecting a tricycle from Cambridge; charity shopping in Bury St Edmunds; country driving a la Mr Toad in Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire; coffee and scone in Saffron Walden; riding the trike in Lordship Rec. Sunday, B-Day, was spent at church as usual, but with the added bonus of monumentally huge Jamaican dinner and immense cake. All in all, a result.


2 Responses

  1. Many happy returns, Simone.

  2. Cheers Toby!

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