Again, the car broke. This time between a lazy brunch at Marmalade and the charity shop outing that never happened, the wagon broke in Epping Forest. Smoke pouring out of the engine with temperature gauges in the red is not really a good sign, but compared to my other points of breaking down, this one wasn’t so grim. I’ve got quite the collection now, and am almost on how’s-your-mum terms with the RAC patrolmen:

  • Midnight, Mayes Road roundabout after a Breeders gig in Blackheath. None too enjoyable.
  • Later still, outside Cholmeley Evangelical Church on Archway Road. Saw a man weeing up the side of the church.
  • Just yards from my house, at least this time in the day.
  • On the A406 North Circular – the least attractive part of it as well. Ran to nearby rugby club for change and water – was not made welcome.
  • Multistorey car park in Enfield Town. Car made a horrendous clunk as the suspension gave out.
  • Most recently, on Saturday: Connaught Water. Home to dramatic Eastenders moments, many dirty dogs, and hailstones the size of petit pois.

Ah the joys of the open road.


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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