Lordship Rec wins. w00t!!1!

I was chuffed to hear that Lordship Rec, only five minutes walk from my house, was one of those awarded a £400,000 grant in the mayor’s scheme. For ages when I came past this place, I had assumed it was just a playing field with some trees at the bottom, but having explored it, I’m really pleased that it got the grant – there’s so much potential here.

The park was opened in 1936, and in its heyday a day out to the Rec was the poor locals’ equivalent of a trip to Southend. Having been to Southend, I don’t see that they were so hard done by. It seems rather budget on first glance: but give it some time and you’ll come to love the Shell Theatre, the model traffic area, the scrubbed woodlands, the currently midge-ridden Moselle, and the views over to Ally Pally in one direction, and the monoliths of Broadwater Farm in the opposite – I promise you. 

Plans include a city farm and cafe (if it’s anything like Hackney’s wonderful city farm, that’s just plain fantastic), and general revamp “back to its glory days”. I really hope it’s a sympathetic job and keeps the dusty splendour of the rec intact.


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