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Forum, Pula, from my own photostream

Forum, Pula, from my own photostream

I had a massive hike in visits to Charity Shop Tourism yesterday, and following the link I came across the reason why: a forum post on an Amazon sellers forum. Because these are sellers, I think the idea was that it was posted as maybe a useful resource for people who like to scour charity shops for things to sell – not really why I do it, but an interesting angle nonetheless, one I might pursue in the future (I actually have a bucketload of stuff to sell off, I just haven’t found the time to do it yet).


If you write on the internet, you have to be a little thick-skinned, I suppose. After a first reply about how the blog seemed to be about designer clothes (?!), affairs rapidly descend into some sort of reverse class snobbery debate, in which I was variously described as naive, middle-class, trendy, and worst of all, not an ordinary bloke. If I recall correctly, this is the first time that I’ve been slated directly (although off in a random forum, not that it’s much better for me to respond in kind, in private), so I don’t really take it personally, it’s just interesting.

I think the denizens of this forum were expecting something different. I blog about charity shops because that’s what I like doing – I like to go to a new town and have a look around, get a cup of coffee, see what’s there, visit the charity shops. The tourism part is just as important as the charity shops, but it’s all part of what makes a day out for me. I don’t get why it would be worth a class, financial, or geographical snobbery which presumes to know about me because of what I write in a very niche blog. 

I suppose in writing a response, I’m revealing myself to be a touch offended. Maybe so. I’m withholding the impassioned response to the forum at large, at least. I’m not going to change what I enjoy, or how I write, for the benefit of a handful of internet weirdos, but it’s an interesting commentary on life, don’t you think? Why respond at all when something comes up that you don’t like? Just leave it alone – in life in general I find this to be a wise maxim, and particularly on the world wide interweb.


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