It’s hard to be a saint in the city

I’ve gone on a bit before about school’s blocking access to certain sites, and while I’m grateful that it’s not really the case for me, I still don’t have the ability to install things. Not so bad, of course, and I quite understand it: as my manager put it so succintly recently, the majority of people are not that intelligent. The ire of a few techheads is little to deal with compared with the massive scale disasters that could occur if you let someone retarded download what they want.

What this does mean however, is that if I want to install something new (today, for example, Ginipic) I can’t. That is, until I have to call IT Support to get something fixed and they give me temporary Administrator (emphasise the OR) Powers. Then I can go nuts and install what I want.

The upshot of this lengthy preamble is that I now have TweetDeck (not as productivity-destructive as I’d imagined) and the epic win of Spotify. Using this system I’ve ended up listening to exciting things again in the last few days, after falling a bit out of love with music for a time. It remains to be seen if my new music interests ever rekindle: we’ll see.

So today, I’ve been mainlining The Boss, and yesterday was all about Olde U2, controversially. It’s such a great way to discover those things that you always heard about, but were never motivated to buy. I hearts it extraordinarily.


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