“I’m glad I spent it with you” (bom bom bom bom)

I got Lou Reed’s Perfect Day stuck in my head this afternoon when I realised that I’d spent a day pretty much exactly as I’d choose, and it was wonderful. A simple day – nothing fancy at all, just a road trip, some charity shops, some English towns… Lovely.

Heading out this morning, first call was the petrol station. Inconvenience? Not a bit of it, when leaving with Munchies and Fruit Pastilles. Then away! On to Oxford, or rather the outskirts thereof, for a touch of Charity Shop Tourism in Summerstown and Headington. Students were gawped at, jacket potato was eaten, the air smelt strangely of seaside and bargains were negotiated. A new coffee machine and a Muji draw-on-able globe? What a day.

Then onwards to the very English country town of Abingdon to peruse its gardens and shops, and not least the famous town hall. It has stilts, you know. While we still had time left for shops, a brief diversion to Didcot. Didcot is an ugly town overshadowed by a powerstation and an eponymous train station, and an odd half-high street. We made a quick run in and out and I find – as always – that seeing new places, even ugly, weird ones, is fun. Human life is curious.

A day of local tourism finished – as the best days do – with a drive around to see where to go the next time we’re in the vicinity. Wallingford, Henley, possibly Maidenhead: we’ll be seeing you soon. Then back to very local tourism, and a fish/sausage/chip supper from Seashell so big it’ll knock us off our feet. Happy times.


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