bye now

Updates may be minimal for the next week or so, for I am on holiday. Not literally actually on holiday, you understand, but am not at work, therefore not, um, motivated to work. That is, I probably have better things to do, I’ll hit up some charity shops, possibly visit a festival of pork, that sort of thing.

It’s nice really, I’m not really feeling my job this week. Dynamics have changed, etc., and it’s all a bit too much like a career. I’m not after a career, thank you kindly. I want a job to pay me over the summer till I can go to university. Lots of toing and froing with meetings today, MIS, database, promotion, future, openminded, those sorts of words were bandied about. Quite.

So I have to come up with things via Google Maps, I have to brainstorm ideas, I have liaise with weird colleagues, I have to analyse statistics, I have to tell people stuff. Roll on week off, and hopefully see the back of grumbly posts with no real content.


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