Not the one in South California: I wanna live in South Patagonia


Joshua Tree - pic from S Migols photostream, under Creative Commons

Joshua Tree - pic from S Migol's photostream, under Creative Commons

And so apparently, I’m off to Los Angeles in May, related to last year’s trip to the Northeastern US; also Miami, which was bonkers, but I suspect LA will top even that for sheer weirdness.


For a start, it’s just plain huge. It’s all urban sprawl and free ways, the ultimate example of conurbation – if I remember right, the city of Los Angeles itself has a population of about half that of Greater London, with about twice the space taken up. Add into that the metropolitan area which brings the total up to nearer 13 million people, and you have a Big Urban Sprawl.

So, it = huge. I have no idea where to start really – the one thing I’d like to do is take a day and go to either Tijuana (the funnest place on earth!) or the Joshua Tree National Park. That’s two, but you see what I mean. Other than that, what? Hollywood? Beverly Hills? Venice Beach? Compton? I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


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  1. Do you mean Southern California? You must get the lingo right so as not to rile the natives up!

    Beverly Hills will probably be a bit disappointing–just a suburb with a bunch of pastiche homes. but I recommend Westwood nearby, the final resting place for Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote, and a tonne of old timey stars. I also like Olvera Street in Downtown LA, also China Town and Santa Monica. If you like Mexican food, be sure to go to the inland empire. Practically any old dive taco stand is delicious there.

  2. Ah, it was a reference to Mr Frank Black:

    Thanks Rachella, I’ll be sure to look those up. I love me some good cemetery. I’m attending a trade show Downtown, but will have a car, so I’m thinking of maybe staying somewhere round Venice. Maybe.

    And I LOVE Mexican food – you just can’t get it that well done in London. I’ll be eating that a lot.

  3. Maaaan, you know there is such thing in the web like search engine, if you don’t, go there to understand why this post is bullsh*t

    • Well whilst I appreciate your constructive input, I think you’re missing the point of both blogs and web-based interaction in general.

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