Work it 2.0

I’m taking a breather before writing anything here today. Suffice to say, my restart to work was not fun in any shape or form, so I’ve concentrated on writing up a visit to Letchworth for Charity Shop Tourism instead, resplendent in the comparative objectivity of a thematic blog.

What’s the appeal of work supposed to be, I wonder? The commute? Not on an icy, wet morning in London. The work? Not if it’s data entry and emails. The office relationships? Not when it’s management secluded in an upstairs office winging un-thought-out dictats our way. Grumble grumble. This is why, I keep reminding myself, I’m planning on heading back to university in September, to retrain for something I’d actually enjoy doing – rather than something I’ve just ended up in.

And yet, I’m putting it off, because I have to write a personal statement. How do I go about doing this when I’ve no background in my chosen area, I wonder? I think academically speaking I’ve a reasonable chance; it’s just a case of selling myself on transferable skills. I’ll give it a punt – come September, I’m totally out of here.


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