Noel Park this morning, from my flickr photostream

Noel Park this morning, from my flickr photostream

The last 24 hours has been a hash-tag spree, as the grandest snowscape of the last 18 years has descended on the southeast – including, happily, Wood Green. That means: snow day! It also means a very active tweeting population in the capital and surrounds has been logging every step, from the first pathetic flakes yesterday lunchtime, to the frantic flurries of the night, which are still ongoing. Search for the uksnow hashtag (can WordPress not cope with the hash sign?) and you’ll be confronted with a real-time, ever-increasing picture of folk’s responses to the snowfall, and general amazement.


Of course, Scottish tweeters, not to mention those of other, colder climes, will find us hilarious, but for anybody brought up in the South, this is Xtreme Nostalgia, and a day off to boot: tubes don’t cope well with snow. And so, today has been a morning of running (carefully) around Noel Park, taking pictures, and snuggling in bed watching Sean Lock standup. It’s a morning for Twitter to completely come into its own, though: people have more interesting things to tweet than their own breakfast today, and are discovering the joys of collaboration, and even better, maps; sharing pictures; and communicating. Social networking has taken a long time to appeal to me, but it’s lodged in my consciousness now, and Twitter is the way to go. Hurray for uksnow!


2 Responses

  1. Not trying to flood you with posts, Simon, but I find your last post extraordinarily relevant to the course i’m taking this semester–human-computer interaction. the last two weeks we’ve been discussing the design of devices, of online communities, and how technology changes human communication.

    fascinating stuff.

  2. Excellent blog and great pictures. Its been amazing watching the #uksnow tag and the tweets tagged with it.

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