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I’m becoming a bit obsessed with two things, of late (and that’s excluding my £8 Xbox and Project Gotham Racing): (a) my bike ride to work, and (b) my family tree.

I’ve been getting quicker and quicker on my bicycle, to the point where last evening I made the 7.2 mile ride home in 39 minutes, which I don’t think is too shabby. I’m working out the shortcuts and the speedy bits (i.e. Blackstock Road), and cutting out one way systems, and the like.

When I’m not bicycling, I’m using my spare time at work (there’s loads of it, I promise) to check out my history. I got a bit, shall we say, involved – I blame the 1911 census, it piqued my interest no end. As such, I’ve got several sides of my family right back to 180-something, and I’m working on the rest. My mum’s side is almost entirely Hampshirean, but there’s an arm from North London. Even better, my great-grandfather’s second marriage was to someone from… Wood Green! Sunny Wooders, my own flesh and blood.

Now, to find a way to combine the two…


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