I stumbled upon Parkopedia in my browsing today. Not Stumbled Upon, you understand – one has to be careful in this day of nouns and proper nouns morphing into verbs and proper verbs. But while I was looking for some information about West Hampstead for Charity Shop Tourism, I came across this wiki for parking spaces in the UK. 

It’s blooming helpful. A collaborative effort to help You, the reader, find a parking space. An altruistic effort, with nothing to count against it. You expect me to now turn around and complain about it? Far from it. I genuinely have nothing bad to say about a venture like this. 

And yet I can’t help feeling that it’s a project doomed to mediocrity. Nothing to do with the site, which is as slick and userfriendly as you could hope for. It’s more to do with this whole Web 2.0 malarkey, and the main problem with that: the users. 

Parking is a divisive issue. Just take a look at the whinges of my neighbours when the new Noel Park CPZ was brought up to the end of our block. It’s a nightmare to park now, and we’ve already had letters through from the council politely reminding us that it’s illegal to put wheelie bins or obstructions in the road. People like their parking spot and so, while I’m best placed to inform the worldwide interweb of these cunning parking spots just 10 minutes walk from Wood Green, I’m not going to, because one of these out-of-town yahoos will doubtless come and steal my already valuable parking space.

I’ve gingerly added my parking rank on Stoneleigh Road, when I visit Tottenham. I’m a little bit tempted to delete it, just in case the ravening hordes of the Yid Army steal my place on match days.

Parkopedia is (sadly) therefore going to remain a useful repository for car-parks and parking spaces for sale/rent, but to reach its full potential, it would really need substantial listings for non-controlled parking zones. It would also therefore need more than just pinpointers on a Google Map, but rather swathes of shading along roads showing where I can, or cannot, park my poorly Peugeot.

So I am as much to blame as the rest of the world for this, but it isn’t half a miserable contemplation thinking that a potentially fantastic website won’t reach its potential because of greedy pigs like me who want to keep grasping paws off their precious piece of camber.


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