FinAnciAl MeltDowN iMminEnt

After months of holding out and making financial cutbacks merely because my personal accountability is lame, I’ve finally set out to acknowledge the credit crunch and do something money-related. According to Martin Lewis (a kind of Sarah Beeny (with less pregnancies) for the financial world, i.e. do what he says, you’ll be fine; ignore him out of some sort of bloody-minded pride, you’ll suffer. Maybe some kind of Spanish inquisitor…), it makes logical sense to check whether I’m paying more interest on my overdraft than I am receiving interest on my savings, and if so, pay off my overdraft. Logical, no?

So off I trundle down Fleet Street, secure in the knowledge that just around the corner is the Abbey I need. I trundle on, past St Dunstan-in-the-West, past St Brides, etc., to Ludgate Circus where I give up hope, and turn around. I know where there is an Abbey (back on the Strand, though I’m mistrusting myself by now). Later on, I check the interweb. There’s a branch just the other side of the roundabout. C’est la vie.

I get to Abbey and I instantly remember why internet banking is so much better. Three queues here, in some sort of rearrangement of the public perception of a bank. I Don’t Want redesigning, I want you to have more cashiers there so I can leave more quickly. You help me not. 

I find myself in queue #1. No, wait, that’s for the cash point. Queue #2 then: no, again, that’s for the welcome desk. Welcome desk? 

Finally, around the corner and at the bank of the branch, the cashiers’ desks. I queue behind a jovial but flustered young chap who’s resisting charges, and a Max Branning lookalike with a high, girlish voice. When I reach the counter, I can’t do what I wish to do because the card (that Abbey gave me) doesn’t have my account number, and I don’t have the requisite ID. Ugh. So that’s 40 minutes of schlep wasted.

Anyway, now I find I can get Natwest to do the whole dealio for me, which is nice, so I’ll just fill out this tasty form and sort it. Why doesn’t everyone make things logical and easy? Why does everything have to be so hard all the time?

Credit crunch: you win this round. But I’ll be back…


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