Shop Haringey

Occasionally, I spend vastly enjoyable time doing the most mundane things. On Saturday, I/we shopped for food, and over the weekend, cooked it. And yet, it’s an inordinate amount of fun.

Good old Wood Green. I can go to Wood Green and sup at the Caffe Villa Dei Fiori (lasagne and chips), then wend through the various market stalls vending cloth, baggage and shoes. I emerge with £25 better spent than almost anywhere else: a a 2kg gammon, 10lb of chicken legs, 5lb carrots, 5lb new potatoes, a dragon fruit, blueberries, and much more besides. 

Good old Tottenham. I can go to Tottenham and get everything else I could ever hope for from Aldi. I was always a little suspicious of discount supermarkets, but was convinced by a good buddy to give it a try, and I’ve never looked back. Rather than swim around Tesco for an hour, ending up spending twice as much as I intended on things I really don’t need (the major supermarkets’ grasp of consumer psychology is nothing short of awesome), I can be in and out of Aldi in 15 minutes flat, with everything I need, and the occasional treat, without feeling like I’ve been tricked. And so everything else I need to cook with, I go here.

In fact, if I feel like venturing forth just a touch, the covered market stalls outside Bruce Grove station, and the even better ones (fruit and veg, fish) opposite will supply my fresh food needs, and for meat, my favourite butcher in Haringey, Tom Clarke, is just up Bruce Grove. He’s happy to give the sales techniques a go, just like Tesco, but he’ll pitch it as, “do you like oxtail?” or, “fancy a bit of bacon as well?”

Good old Noel Park. I can step out of my front door and within a few minutes be in some of the best Turkish food shops (TFC or Sirwan) in London, for all my everyday needs. I can go a touch further and pick up green bananas, plantain, pumpkin, dried thyme, spices, coconut milk, yam or chin chin at the Wood Green Supermarket on Lymington Avenue. Think globally, shop locally, indeed.

In the end, delicious food has been had by all over the last week – the gammon was cooked in cranberry juice, (some of) the chicken was cooked as a pot roast, and jerk chicken, rice and peas were had last evening. Good times, my friends.


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