Operating somewhat under a haze of festive indifference, today I’ve mostly been involved in web editing. Far from the glamorous lifestyle this no doubt suggests, the majority seemed to be waiting for FrontPage to verify external links, and adding alt text to a billion images. 

However! It’s Christmas week! Or not really, but good enough – I’m in work til Thursday (including an afternoon out for lunch at The Chancery, where it seems I may just have the option of a suckling pig…), then I’m off to explore the world. That evening I’m off to Brum, then Saturday I’m down to Winchester, then back to London Town that evening. Then it’s party central for about two weeks. That is, I am going to No Parties Whatsoever, which is as good as for normal people going to lots of parties.

I was invited to Alexis’ New Years Party yesterday, so presumably I could totter along to that if I so wished. I have no idea who Alexis is, and given this random texter’s surprise that I, in fact, wasn’t Natasha, this is probably not a wise idea. Nevertheless, it’s an option to bear in mind.


2 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas, have a great season. Enjoy yourself and don’t forget to share some.

  2. Share some suckling pig? No way!

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