Don’t you hate when you have to sit and wait at home? It makes one all tense and irritable. However. My car is being collected in a few minutes and towed to the garage, and thankfully I don’t have to go with it. Which means my morning is relatively free, until I have to go to my naughty boy course. I’m taking the bike – it’s OK on trains I think, and means I can explore a little further afield. Expect relevant Tumblr updates.

It’s one of life’s bizarre truisms that a day off work will inevitably, unavoidably fill up with difficulties and work. Nevertheless the challenge remains in facing the problems and squeezing the enjoyment out of them and while there’s little chance of any enjoyment coming from a new clutch (although the car should drive a little better now…), I don’t altogether object to an afternoon out of the house. Better to be kept out of mischief, really. 

So, we’ll see what Chelmsford has to offer – not just in terms of presentations and interactive workshops (hmm…) but I’ll keep a sharp eye out for charity shops and other visitables. You, dear reader, will no doubt be updated forthwith.


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