Where *is* the best coffee shop in London?

I started the morning by drooling over one of Time Out’s helpful London best ofs (cf. charity shops), this time on the best coffee shops in London. This, this is a subject close to my heart. Though it’s some time since I’ve been on a hunt, I’ve long been searching for a cafe to call ‘mine’, or at least,  ‘ours’, so this list might be a good place to start. I like Time Out’s travel guides – though I often find myself in Stanfords, perusing the selections of travel books, I’ll invariably come away with a Time Out guide. And even though the magazine is not really worth the weekly price tag, it still comes up trumps every now and then.

And so, taking my usual approach to things I’ve made up a Google map and will try and rate as many as I can. I’ll also stick the ones I visit on my tumblr site, because that’s the sort of Web 2.0 guy that I am. Some to start me off (if I’ve been, it’s a coffee cup; if I’ve not, your upside-down teardrop).

  • Marmalade (I’ve blogged about here before) – my absolute favourite in the world, the cutest little place in Tottenham. Absolutely wonderful homemade cakes, and excellent coffee.
  • Algerian Coffee Stores – great little bean shop in Soho, they also do an excellent on-the-run coffee for 90p. Coffees of the month are £5 for 500g – easliy comparable to Cafedirect or what have you (although more than my current choice of Aldi…).
  • Monmouth Coffee House – a bit more posh-lady, but really, really great coffee.

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